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Default Supervisors approve 3-year food service contract for jail

The Jasper County Board of Supervisors approved a three-year contract Tuesday with a new vendor for inmate food service at the Jasper County Jail

Consolidated Correctional Food Service of Des Moines was awarded the contract during the supervisors’ weekly meeting at the Jasper County Courthouse.

CFS will replace CMB Food Service, which has prepared meals for the county jail for decades. The new vendor also provides meal*solutions to other county jails in Iowa, including neighboring Marshall County.

Before the vote Tuesday, Jasper County Sheriff John Halferty told the supervisors CFS was offering the county a $1,000 signing bonus as part of their proposal, and this contract will save the jail approximately*$1,500 annually because it has agreed to supply chemicals used in the serving process that before the JCSO had to purchase on their own.

CFS will charge Jasper County jail $1.83 per meal with an average of 65 inmates. Currently, the JCSO is paying $2.03 per meal serving three meals per day.

Halferty said the additional savings in the price per meal is attractive, and with Jasper County in the midst of taking on inmates from the Warren County Jail, the JCSO is currently housing up to 75 inmates at any given time.

“CBM has done a decent job providing for us, however, this current proposal, I just want to highlight, if we have 65 inmates or more it’s going to be 20 cents less per meal,” Halferty said.

The state of Iowa requires correctional services to provide inmates with a set number of calories per meal. The new menu from CFS will also have the same calorie count as the previous menu served at the jail.

“We actually provide more calories than the state requires, just by the way they have their menu set up,” Halferty said.

Another contract highlight is that CFS pays its employees more than Jasper county’s current jail food vendor. CFS workers use the jail’s kitchen and food prep facilities but do not make contact with the inmates. Halferty said the sheriff’s office does vet CFS employees before they are allowed access to the jail, but it is jail staff who physically serve the meals to inmates.

“We think it’s a good option. It will save us some money in the long run, especially with our Warren County holds, and we like the contract they’re offering,” Halferty said.

The vote to approve the CFS contract was unanimous. Supervisor Joe Brock was absent Tuesday.

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