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Default Partnership to bring new senior living facilities to Dubuque

DUBUQUE (AP) — Two religion-based organizations have partnered to develop a $60 million senior living community in Dubuque that’ll preserve a historic building and allow about 150 Catholic sisters to remain at the location.

The Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Presbyterian Homes & Services announced plans Tuesday to transform the Mount Carmel campus over five years,*the Telegraph Herald reported*. The campus currently provides housing and care for the Catholic sisters. The expansion will allow the facility to provide new housing options for area seniors.

“This seems like the best plan to care for our sisters and to share this really sacred space — which has been our home for 125 years — with our neighbors and friends in the Dubuque area,” said Sister Teri Hadro, president of the Sisters of Charity.

The Sisters of Charity purchased the land in 1889 and finished construction on the motherhouse building in 1893.

The plan calls for preserving the building, while other structures would be deconstructed to make room for new properties.

“Deconstruction is different from demolition,” Hadro said. “Demolition is just taking them down and carting them away. Deconstruction is reusing as much of the building materials and contents of the buildings as possible.”

She said the process takes longer, but is “much more earth-friendly.”

The sisters will be able to continue living on site during the construction process, Sisters of Charity officials said. The site currently employs more than 250 people.

A corporate bond issuance will fund a majority of the project, said Alan Stache, the chief financial officer for the Sisters of Charity.

Hadro said plan needs approval from city and state officials.

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